Mixing tubs

Collomix has a range of high-quality mixing tubs and measuring buckets for all building materials.

measuring bucket,

Measuring bucket 10 litres

Clear-transparent; imprinted liter scale for the correct addition of liquid materials
Ref.No. 60.177 (GLN: 4011024601773)

mixing tub, plastic mixing bucket, levelling compounds,

Mixing tub 30 litres

Black, made of high-quality polyethylene, strong and durable, with metal carrying handle; ideal for fillers and many other materials
Ref.No. 60.173 (GLN: 4011024601735)

mixing bucket for 75 litres levmix mixer

Mixing bucket 75 litres (for LevMix)

Black, made of thick-walled, robust PE material, with two carrier handles; for quantities up to 55 litres;
Ref.No. 70.115 (GLN: 4011024701152)

Accessory for LevMix mobile mixer
Scope of delivery: WITHOUT Spout (Ref.No. 71.061)

mortar tub, mortar bucket, grout bucket

Special mortar tub 65 litres

Black, made of high-strength material, tear-off-resistant handles; suitable for all materials; for the use in ColloMatic automatic mixing machines
Ref.No. 60.403  (GLN: 4011024604033)

Suitable for trolley (Ref.No. 70.183)
Accessory for AOX-S / POX-S rotary mixers; XM 2-650 forced action mixer

mortar bucket, mortar tub, grout bucket

Special mortar tub 90 litres

Black, made of PE material, with handles; suitable for all materials;
Ref.No. 60.252  (GLN: 4011024602527)

Suitable for trolley (Ref.No. 70.183) with upgrade set (Ref.No. 60.318)
Accessory for XM 3-900 forced action mixer

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