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RMX mixing stand

  • Mixing without effort
  • Rug­ged design
  • Easy hand­ling
  • Easy to trans­port

Mixing without physical strain. The RMX mixer stand takes the equipment load off our hands during mixing. A particular advantage is the gas-pressurized spring, which enables the swivel arm to be raised and lowered with ease. Ideal for mixing heavy and high viscouse materials.

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Article number Product Dimensions Weight GLN
45624 RMX 45.5 x 118 mm 17 kg 4011024456243

Mixer-Clean Cleaning bucket

  • Rug­ged bucket
  • Car­ry­ing handle
  • Pair of brus­hes
  • For mixing padd­les with a dia­me­ter of up to 210 mm

For cleaning mixing paddle quickly and easily. When you have finished your mixing work, immerse the mixing paddle in the bucket filled with water and run the mixer for a short time. All residual material will be thoroughly removed by the brushes. Removable lid for emptying.


Transport trolley for clean and convenient emptying of thin-bodied materials. Handling 65 litres mixing tubs quickly and easily; One-man operation is therefore no problem.

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Article number Product GLN
70183 Trolley 401102470183
60318 Upgrade kit 90 liters 4011024603180

Mixing buckets

  • Best qualtiy mixing- and mortar buckets
  • In diverent sizes available
  • Perfectly developed for the use in Collomatic mixers
  • Suitable for almost every mixing material

Article number Product Weight GLN
60177 Measuring bucket 10 litres 0.6 kg 4011024601773
60173 Mortar bucket 30 litres 1.8 kg 4011024601735
60403 Special mortar tub 65 litres 2.45 kg 4011024604033
70115 Mixing bucket 75 litres (LevMix) 3 kg 4011024701152
60252 Special mortar tub 90 litres 1.65 kg 4011024602527