Collomix Shakers and gyroscopic mixers - "at home" in many applications

Collomix gyroscopic mixers and shakers are always the right choice. Be it for preparing materials in their delivery containers ready for further processing or for producing optimal mixes from several material components with different consistencies. And be it for small quantities, single containers or industrial series production.

The advantage of mixing in a closed container is that the mixing process can be performed independently of external factors such as hygiene regulations, emissions or cleaning etc. These devices can be used without difficulty in the most diverse sectors and locations, by manufacturers, laboratories or dealers.

Car paints

Automotive paints simply
mixed to perfection.
Save yourself the effort
of mixing by hand.

Mixing of car paints
Mixing of car paints
Exterior paints

Mixing exterior paints /
coatings with perfection
directly at the Point of
Sale or in-plant
production systems

Mixing and couloring of exterior paints, wall paints, dispersions
Mixing exterior paints
Printing inks

Mixing printing ink
in closed containers with
gyroscopic mixers at
record speed and in
high amounts.

Mixing of printing inks with the printing ink mixers
Mixing printing inks
Industrial coatings

Perfect mixing results
for many industrial
coatings / paints
in the production

Mixing industrial coatings, varnishes, paints
Mixing industrial coatings, varnishes, paints

2K Adhesives

The most efficient,
reliable and fastest way
of mixing dispersion

Homogenization of 2k dispersion adhesives, PU adhesives
Mixing adhesives

Clean and quick to perfect mixing results in the field of cosmetic products.

nail polish, cosmetics mixing in closed containers
Mixing cosmetics

Colouring decorative
plaster, directly at the
Point of Sale or in-plant
production systems

Couloring decorative plasters
Mixing plasters
Solar pastes

Fast and process reliable
homogenization of
aluminium and silver
solar pastes

mixing silver solar pastes
mixing silver solar pastes

Collomix Tinting Tinta