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    Hand-held mixers - Made in Germany

    A “Made in Germany” product – the concentration of our production facilities in Gaimersheim demonstrates our firm commitment to Collomix as a byword for time-honored quality, the mark of our products for over 35 years.

  • award-winning design, robust, hand-held mixer, mixing drill, xo

    Outstanding design

    evolutionary and futuristic product design which exudes competence, power and ruggedness; with excellent functionality and ease of maintenance; even on the building site the products have to be attractive as well.

    Award-winning: Reddot design award honourable mention 2012

  • xo adjusted working height, back-friendly working

    Adjusted working height

    Work with a straight back, less physical strain

  • ergonmic, hand-held mixers, mixing drills


    Relaxed working with minimum strain; ergonomic handles ensure a natural position of the hands

  • Guard handle, mortar mixing drill, hand-held mixer

    Guard handle

    Solid metal frame prevents breakage and dirt

  • mixing tool, stirrer, transport

    Practical mixing tool transport

    The mixing tool / stirrer can be plugged onto the metal frame for space-saving transportationt

Optimum performance and perfect ergonomics. That’s what the Xo hand-held mixers are. Easy to operate with a straight back and ergonomically shaped grip handles. State-of-the-art motor and gear unit components for long service and safety while working.

Products hand-held mixers

Xo 1

Entry-level hand

1010 Watt; 1-speed;
- 40 l. mixing capacity

mortar mixing drill, hand-held mixer, mixer, xo 1

Xo 4

Universal hand-held

1300 Watt; 2-speed;
- 65 l. mixing capacity

mortar mixing drill, hand-held mixer, stirrer, xo4

Xo 6

Hand mixer for professionnals
1600 Watt; 2-speed;
- 90 l. mixing capacity

hand mixer, professional, mixing drill, powerful

Xo 55 duo

Hand-held forced action mixer
1450 Watt; 1-speed;
-90 l. mixing capacity

double spindle mixer, duo hand-held mixer, mixing drill, forced action mixer, compulsory mixer

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