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Find the right mixer with the tap of a finger

How do you mix powdery, runny, ductile, cement- or resin-bonded construction materials? Which is the right mixer for which mixing job and which stirrer for which material? How much material can be mixed in each mixing operation? With the diversity of materials these days, these are frequent questions during day-to-day building site work. .

The Collomix App Mixing Guide is the practical aid for helping find the right tool and mixer. For over 50 different materials the Mixing Guide App from Collomix will recommend the right mixer every time.

Whether at the building site or when buying at the dealer’s, wherever you are, the Collomix app is there to help you choose the right mixer – and completely free of charge!

Also included on board are useful tips on how to mix correctly.

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The choice is yours, between stirrers or automatic mixers

A comprehensive list of materials takes you to the right stirrer

The results page gives you a summary of your search

Everything at a glance: material, selected mixer and possible mixing volume

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The Collomix App is available for free download in iTunes or Google Play

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