• Mixing tools
    As varied as the requirements
    on the building site

    mixing tool, stirrer, rod, mixing blade, whisks
  • high quality mixing tools, stirrer, mixing rods, mixing blades  made in germany

    Strong welded joints

    Extremely strong welded joints in combination with tough materials mean that Collomix mixing tools are made to last.

  • guard ring, mixing tool, stirrer, mixing rod, mixing blade, whisk

    Continuous guard ring

    Guarantees that the mixing tool rotates smoothly and safely and also protects the mixing tub.

  • Rührer, tüv bauart geprüft, made in germany, rührstab, mischquirl

    Type-tested by TÜV

    The production process is subject to regular inspections.

  • powder coating mixing tools, stirrer, mortar mixing rod, paint whisk

    Powder-coating finish

    For an attractive look and feel; smooth surfaces and edges; environment-friendly production process with no emissions and with coatings containing no toxins.

  • products, stirrer, mixing rod, mixing blade, whisk

    Wide range of products

    Always the right mixing tool with the right mixing action for almost every mixing material.

With us, "Made in Germany" delivers what it promises,
meaning above all top quality, from state-of-the-art production plants. Our products are subject to a continuous process of quality controls. Our ultimate aim is for you to find not only the right tool but also to find the best tool for the best mixing results. Only with the right stirrer you will get the desired mixing result

Products mixing tools

Stirrer WK

For sticky and viscous
materials, like plaster,
cement, mortar, etc.

mortar stirrer, mixing tool, agitator for plaster, mixing mortar, cement, plaster, screed

Stirrer: MK

For heavy materials, like
concrete, screed, mortar,
plaster, etc.

mortar mixer, mixing tool, mixing rod for heavy material, screed mixing blade

Stirrer: MKN

For liquid and fibrous
materials, e.g. paints,
gypsum plasters

paint mixing tool, stirrer for gypsum plasters, mixing rod for fibrous materials

Stirrer: MM

For small volumes of tile
adhesives, ready-mixed
mortars, etc.

tile adhesives, ready-mixed mortars, pointing mortars, mixer, mixing rod, mixing blade, stirrer

Stirrer: DLX

Developed for the
optimum preparation of
thin-bed mortar

thin-bed mortar mixing tool, mixing rod, mixing blade, whisk, stirrer

Stirrer: KR

For floor fillers, cement,
thick plasters, bitumen
coating, etc.

mixing tool for, ardex, pci, uzin, kitt, bitumen coatings, thick plaster, floor fillers, mixing

Stirrer: AR

Anchor stirrer for 1- and
2-component bitumen
coatings, etc.

anchor stirrer, mixing bitumen coatings, bitumous filles mixing rod

Stirrer: KRK

For liquide materials,
e.g. paints, lacquers,
glazings, primers, etc.

mixing tool, stirrer, rod, lacquers, glazings, primers, solvents, thin-bodied materials mixing

Stirrer: FM

For fluid materials, like
paints, coverings, epoxy
resins, etc.

paint mixer, paint stirrer, mixing creamy plasters, lacquers, dispersions, primers

Stirrer: LX

For paints, reaction
resins, surfacing
materials, epoxy, etc.

paint mixing tool, mixing epoxy-resins, primer coatings, surfaceing material, reaction resin

Stirrer: NIROSTA

Stainless steel stirrer for
abrasive materials.
Various rods available.

nirosta, stainless steel mixing tool, stirrer, mixing rod, mixing blase, whisk

Stirrer: MKD

Mixing tools for the
Xo 55 duo double
spindle mixer.

mixing tools, double spindle, duo mortar mixing drill, mixing rods, stirrers

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