Mixing at construction sites
Experts focus on quality

Collomix products mixing on construction sites

For over 40 Years Collomix has been setting standards for mixing work at the building site, launching numerous innovations which have since become longstanding international standards. And all the time our attention is fixed on what professionals on the building site appreciate most: functional technology, practice-related design and rugged and particularly economical equipment for making it easier and simpler to work on the building site.


Mixing tools

As varied as the conditions on
building sites, the Collomix
product range is just as diverse.
Choose the right stirrer for your
mixing material.

Mixing tools, stirrer, mixing rod, mixing blade, whisks

Hand-held mixers

Collomix Xo hand-held mixers
are standing for high quality and
reliability. Especially developed
for every mixing job on
construction site.

mortar mixing drill, hand-held mixers, hand-mixers, mortar mixer

Automatic mixers

The ColloMatic® machines offer
you concrete advantages for
nearly all requirements and
materials on building site. This
is effortless mixing.

rotary mixers, tub mixers, forced action mixers, planetary mixers, compact mixers, automatic mixers

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