• Rotating bucket mixers
    Practical small-volume mixers for use on site

    rotary mixer, tub mixer, mixing station, aox, pox
  • rotary mixer, tub mixer, mixing station, thin-bed mortar mixer, plaster mixer, mortar mixer, automatic mixer, batch mixer

    High mobility

    Being light in weight and equipped with practical handles, both machines are easy to move about effortlessly to where they are required.

  • mixing of thin-bed mortar, screed , plaster, mortar, automatic mixing, tub mixer, mixing station

    Separate tub drive

    For shorter mixing times and a better mixing process.

  • aox-s, pox-s, small volume mixer, mixing station, tub mixer, rotary mixer, automatic mixer

    Edge and bottom scraper

    Prevents sediment collecting on the edges of the container.

  • automatic mixer, aox, rotary tub mixer, mixing station,

    Additional drive unit

    High-speed mixing tool (2 types) for universal use and lump-free mixing results. With M14 threaded connection (only AOX-S)

  • transport trolley, chart, mortar mixing tubs, accessory, batch mixer

    Trolley (Accessory)

    This makes it easier to load and unload the tub and includes a tub lock for pouring.

Compact rotary mixers with excellent mixing effects. Optimized mixing results due to the high driving force for mixing volumes up to 40 litres. Ideally suited for use at small and medium-sized construction site.


Two machine models for different requirements

Portable bucket mixer for cement, plaster, mortar, screed, etc.

AOX-S rotating bucket mixer

The versatile bucket mixer: ideal for thin-bed mortar and fillers

Extra mixing tool drive unit

For mixing volumes of up to 40 litres

2 interchangeable mixing tools (M-14)



KR: suitable for mortar, screed, plaster, tile adhesive, filler, etc.


DLX: suitable for thin-bed mortar, liquid coverings, pointing mortar, etc.

Edge and bottom scraper, adjustable

Safety cut-out; this stops the mixer immediately when the cover is opened

Gurad hood


Accessories: 65 litres mixing tub / transport trolley / mixing tools

Ref.No. 37.123

GLN: 4011024371232

Portable rotating bucket mixer for screed, concrete, mortar, etc.

POX-S rotating bucket mixer

with static mixer

Mixing effect due to rotating mixing tub

For mixing volumes of up to 40 litres

Suitable for compact and plastic mortar, screed, plaster with aggregate and lean concrete

Edge and bottom scraper, asjustable


Accessories: 65 litres mixing tub / transport trolley / mixing tool

Ref.No. 37.124

GLN: 4011024371249

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